Limited Edition Marnie Weber Print

Marnie Weber’s La Tigressa from 2010 is the very first limited edition made by West of Rome Public Art.

A signed, 14 x 10 ½ inches (36 x 27 cm) Archival Pigment Print, La Tigressa was produced in edition of 20.

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Edition 1/20 David Wasserman
Edition 2/20 Mike Kelley
Edition 3/20 David Johnson
Edition 4/20 John Morace
Edition 5/20 Richard Hertz
Edition 6/20 Eve and Peter Steele
Edition 7/20 Michelle Hobart
Edition 8/20 Giovanna Villani
Edition 9/20 Filomena and Tommaso Fontana

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The first 10 copies are given at a donation of $1,000, which is tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

Get your own edition while the first 10 copies last.

The following 10 prints will be assigned on donations of $2,000.

Please send your donation to:
West of Rome Public Art
380 South Lake Ave, Suite 209
Pasadena, CA 91101