Trespassis a collaborative project between Arto Lindsay, Rirkrit Tiravanija, 40 leading Los Angeles based Contemporary Artists, and West of Rome Public Art. The project will consist of an actual parade that will take place within the streets of downtown Los Angeles. Arto Lindsay, Rirkrit Tiravanija and Emi Fontana are commissioning approximately 40 artists to consolidate, in a statement, their call to action, pleasure and reciprocity. The artists and West of Rome will literally bring these concerns into the public realm, physically into the streets of Downtown Los Angeles, in a joyful and powerful way. These statements will be printed on t-shirts in English and Spanish and sold through a website dedicated to this project and various other venues. Detailed information regarding the parade will be available on the website as well as the purchasing of the t-shirt. (T-shirts have always served as important vehicles of social messages, especially within the histories of political movements and counter-cultures.) The artists will then curate a parade with music, dancing, and other performative aspects where the public is welcome to join and wear their shirts. Arto Lindsay will compose and play a special piece that will resonate throughout the city. During this exceptional moment West of Rome Public Art will give voice to artists, and will allow their statements and concerns to rise loud into the city

With Trespass West of Rome Public Art aims to create a unique aggregational moment for Los Angeles in relation to the International art community, the local art community, and the general public. Trespass will take place on Sunday, October 2, 2011, which is a pivotal moment for the cultural history of The City of Los Angeles. During the weekend of October 2nd The Getty in collaboration with 60 museums and cultural institutions will open many exhibitions under the Pacific Standard Time umbrella. This weekend will also host the first Armory Art Fair in Los Angeles entitled Art Platform – Los Angeles, which will take place in downtown.

Trespass will permeate and reverberate throughout the streets of downtown Los Angeles to include individuals from all types of socio-economic/socio-political demographics, particularly the youth of our society. We aim to accomplish this through the use of the Internet and social networking websites. A dedicated website will be launched at the end May 2011. West of Rome will also reach out to college and high schools students and musicians to involve them in Trespass. West of Rome will also invite some of these schools to produce a slogan for a t-shirt. By reaching out to people from various demographics Trespass will address one of the most challenging issues for Contemporary Art today, which is including the general public (the public that does not normally visit museums or art galleries) and expanding the audience for art and all art institutions in Los Angeles. This project has a strong educational component that will impact the youth. By addressing this challenge Trespass consists of a crucial educational aspect; demonstrating to the public and the youth that art can be a useful, peaceful, and effective tool for social commentary and change.

In this moment of world turmoil and epochal changes Trespass will convey and reiterate, in a creative way, the importance of free speech as the most powerful and effective vehicle for implementing change. Free speech in this case will be the voices of the most influential contemporary artists, the youth of our time and the public that will gather with West of Rome on October 2, 2011.